Monday, March 18, 2013

Colder Weather

Well the weekend was BEAUTIFUL! We had perfect, pull-out-your-shorts kind of weather. Saturday morning we had friends join us for some garden work. Which basically means my friend and I watch our four girls play together while our husbands garden. I did work on transplanting our little tomato seedlings into separate containers so their roots will have more room to grow. We have about 40 tomato plants, in three different heirloom varieties. Looking forward to giving them away when they get a little bigger!

Yesterday was even warmer in a perfect Sunday kind of way. Then there's today. Woke up to Monday morning, cold and cloudy. Got this spring loving girl a little down. I think a pot of potato soup is in order, and maybe even the smell of a fresh loaf of bread. Those things feel like they may help us cope with this colder weather we're stuck in for a little bit longer. Spring is coming!

We are now a very eager and excited beekeeping family! Actually, David does all the beekeeping. But we support him 100%!

Busy bees

Their new home

Ava Pearl, the baby beekeeper
Well the girls just dumped an entire can of baby "puffs" all over the floor so I think my blogging time is done for the day!


  1. its been very warm here on the west coast; the weather is fickel though, this wednesday its suppose to rain!

    hope you are having a good day.

  2. That's the sweetest little beekeeper I have ever seen! Sunshine tomorrow. You'll make it.